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Roseburg adds new yoga, relaxation and meditation classes in April

Roseburg adds new yoga, relaxation and meditation classes in April

Starting April 20th, Serenity Lane’s Roseburg campus will feature two yoga classes per month on the first and third week of each month.

The first class will be on Thursday, the 20th at 5 pm followed by May 5th at 11:30 am.

The rotation of classes will be:

First Friday of the month at 11:30 am
Third Thursdays at 5 pm

An instructor will also be presenting once every four months during family programming. For more information call (541) 673-3504


Alumni Dispatch: Service in the Surf

Alumni Dispatch: Service in the Surf

This past weekend some 20 to 25 Serenity Lane alums +  family members and friends hit the beaches to participate in a beach cleanup put on by AAA.

Serenity Lane alums combed beaches from Reedsport all the way north to Cannon Beach.  The Roseburg clinic, Eugene clinic, Coburg campus and the Portland office all had representatives.  The weather was great: slightly overcast skies but no wind.  Serenity Lane teams joined as many as 5,000 volunteers from around the state.  They collectively removed over 56,000 pounds of litter and marine debris from along all 362 miles of the Oregon coast!  As one participant described it: It really was a lot of fun; like a treasure hunt.  And it felt really good to be of service.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and a reminder that you can stay up to speed on alumni events by signing up for email alerts or visiting our Serenity Lane Alumni events page.

Sober St. Patty’s Day

Sober St. Patty’s Day

photo credit the awkward yeti

First it is important to note that St. Patrick’s day is a time to honor the roots of Irish religious beliefs, feast with loved ones and honor the memory of a guy who was neither a canonized saint nor really named Patrick. The whole green beer, kegs and eggs, kiss me I’m Irish thing came later.

For those in recovery, this may provide some inspiration when navigating the more modern iterations of the holiday: day drinking and overdrinking.

Here are three things you can do today that have nothing to do with green beer, bars or being a drunken hooligan.

  1. Bake some Irish soda bread! 
  2. Whip up some corned beef! 
  3. Read up on the holiday!


Whatever you do – remember that this is just another day! You can still eat and be merry but if you find yourself feeling antsy call a friend, get to a meeting, or keep busy by trying your hand at a new recipe.


Serenity Lane partners with Umpqua Health Alliance, will begin accepting OHP for treatment services

Serenity Lane partners with Umpqua Health Alliance, will begin accepting OHP for treatment services

(MARCH 9, 2017) Roseburg, Oregon—Serenity Lane drug and alcohol providers announced this week a new contract with Douglas County CCO, Umpqua Health Alliance, to accept the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) for addiction treatment services including Intensive Outpatient, Recovery Support, mental health and DUII programs at their Roseburg clinic. Serenity Lane will also begin accepting OHP referrals from Umpqua Health for detox and inpatient programs at its residential campus in Coburg, Oregon.

“We’re excited to partner with Serenity Lane to provide Umpqua Health Alliance members increased access to a comprehensive collection of addiction treatment services,” said Sue Goldberg, vice president of network and business development at Umpqua Health. “This partnership will complement the variety of programs we already offer our members and ensure they receive the help they need when and where it’s needed most.”

Serenity Lane opened the outpatient office in 1993 to help provide a range of outpatient addiction treatment services to the people of Douglas County. Under the new agreement, Serenity Lane will accept Oregon Health Plan for detox, residential, Intensive Outpatient, mental health, long-term recovery support and DUII programs.

“This agreement will allow Serenity Lane to provide lifesaving programs to more men and women struggling with addiction,” said Tony Haynes, Clinic Manager of Serenity Lane in Roseburg. “We save lives and put families back together and this agreement is a big step forward in that mission for us.”

To learn more or schedule an assessment call: (541) 673-3504. Serenity Lane’s Roseburg outpatient clinic is located at 2575 NW Kline St. More information is available at:

Enjoy this preview teaser episode of Serenity Lane’s new podcast!

Enjoy this preview teaser episode of Serenity Lane’s new podcast!

We are very excited to announce a new podcast series that features stories from Serenity Lane alumni who went through treatment for alcohol and drug addiction and are now living life in recovery. While the full series won’t start until next month, we have a special holiday teaser episode to share.

 Just in time for Christmas, here is our teaser, holiday-themed episode of Voices of Recovery. Click below to listen or head over to to download. 

Each new episode will be published here on our website and blog, on Serenity Lane’s Facebook page and the podcast’s Facebook page. Like and follow these pages to receive podcast updates including notifications when new episodes are published.