Valentine’s Day Survival Kit

Valentine’s Day Survival Kit

Whether you’re single or attached, February 14th can be a bit of a bear. Nothing like singling out one day in the year to remind everyone how important LOVE is.

For folks that are new in recovery – all feelings are a little more intense and navigating anything related to love is extra tricky. With that in mind, we have put together some inspiration, laughs and resources to help get you through to tomorrow, when everything goes back to normal except that all of the chocolate is for sale.

  1. If you’re single, don’t lose hope. Love happens in recovery every day. Here’s one sober couple’s true story.
  2. A viewing list of movies for any mood you might be in today.
  3. Some helpful reading about where and how to find a relationship courtesy of your Guardians of the Social Galaxy, Facebook.
  4. Looking to be romantic? Whatever you do, avoid anything having to do with these songs.
  5. A sweet list of heart-warming stories about valentines cards.

Love is about ┬álot more than flowers and candy. It’s about showing up for yourself and the people and things that are important to you. XO

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